Birds (Usborne Spotter's Guide)

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Identify more than 170 bird species!

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Usborne Spotter's Guides are essential - written by experts, accurately illustrated and easy to use.

Throughout this book, you will find suggested links to websites for more resources to discover.

Use the detailed descriptions to identify more than 170 bird species.

Record your sightings and add up your spotting successes on the scorecard.

This book will help you to identify many of the birds of Britain, Ireland and other parts of Europe.

The pictures show birds perching, swimming or flying, depending on how that kind of bird is most often seen.

As well as a color picture, each bird also has a description to help you to identify it. The pictures are not drawn to scale, but the description gives you the average length of the bird from its beak to its tail.

The description also tells you where to look for the bird. Beside each picture is a small, blank circle. Each time you sport that bird, make a tick in the circle.


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